The Future of
NTRK Therapy

Where We Are, and Where We’re Headed

Several next-generation inhibitors - LOXO-195, TPX-0005, and ONO-5390556 – are currently in trial, and have already demonstrated activity against TRK mutations.

Current Research

Research continues on the NTRK gene family’s role in cancer. Despite the success already achieved with current targeted treatment, much work remains to be done before the goal of curing all patients with NTRK fusion-positive cancer is met. However, sequencing technologies are now quicker and more reliable than ever before, creating a promising environment for understanding NTRK’s oncogenic effects. Hopefully, this will allow researchers and drug developers to improve upon the already impressive functionality of these body site-, tissue-, and age-agnostic inhibitors.

There are several clinical trials currently in place investigating the efficacy of various TRK inhibitors. Interested in staying up to date on the latest NTRK research? Below is a link to ongoing studies.

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